If you don?t know what you want, no one can help you.

You probably work all day and randomly spend some time thinking about how you?ll get fit and healthy.

You may even workout, but the majority of the time is on a treadmill, 10 minutes of weights, back to the treadmill, and then a little stretch??

Do you ever stop and wonder what this is all for?

Working hard and doing lots of stuff?but just not quite sure if the ?stuff” you?re doing is leading to anything.

If you?re here, you?re in good company.

If you?re here and recognize this, here?s something to do:

Answer this question:

What do you want your body to feel like 3 and 6 months from now?

Here are some things to consider:

  • How many people rely on you and your physical capabilities?
  • How do you feel about your body?
  • Missing energy, confidence, better posture, weight loss, better sleep, focus?
  • What time are you done working each day?

Once you answer the question of what you want your body to feel like in 3 and 6 months, you?ll have a clearer picture of what all the ?stuff? you?re doing is for.

It should also make you think about the things you need to STOP doing that do not contribute to your 3 and 6 month goals.

If you take me up on this, feel free to send an email to Admin@ThriveTrainingIrvine.com with ?DARE? in the subject line. I?ll be excited to sit down and strategize your 3 and 6 month goals with you.

– Oliver

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