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Hi all, I’ve been sitting at my computer everyday writing personalized programs for people to do at home, with the equipment they have at home. It’s a great way to stay strong

BULLETPROOF YOUR STOMACH Hi Everyone, We at THRIVE pride ourselves in teaching the fundamental movements to our members. You can move fast and hit hard, but never break the infrast

Hi everyone, I know it can be overwhelming to stay up with the news, worrying about your loved ones, and making sure everyone around you is clean. What are hurdles are you facing t

You have to take all the information you hear with a grain of salt. There is research done on both the negative and positive of foam rolling. Bottom line, I like foam rolling.I lik

Howdy all, Last night Lindsey and I had a little competition. How many times can you touch the cones? All 3 consecutively is considered 1. Lindsey did 3 times around before she fel

Week of Wellness!! Keep it going!!! I know things are getting a little crazy out there, but let?s focus on all of the things that we have 100% control over. These last several days

Hi everyone, Last week my business coach told me that I focus on too many things. Go figure? He mentioned that everything I do seemed to be the ?most important.? He then told me th

Howdy Everyone, I?m writing this email because I just had a conversation with one of our members. We were talking about the ?core? and I soon realized we were on two different wave

I?m a huge fan of working out. Big surprise, I know. I remember when I was in my teens I would always be in my living room doing push ups, tricep presses on my table, and crunches?

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