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If you don?t know what you want, no one can help you. You probably work all day and randomly spend some time thinking about how you?ll get fit and healthy. You may even workout, bu

Hey all, This week has proved once again that our lives are constantly on a rollercoaster. One week our bodies are feeling strong, flexible and athletic – the next has pains, tig

Hi you, At my first job I was a waiter at a small Chinese Restaurant. I got paid in cash?tips were given out every night and that was everything to me. My mom raised me to give 10%

When I started to workout consistently in college, I didn?t really have any days off. I was young and hungry and always pushed my body to gain more and more muscle. If I wasn?t sor

Howdy all, Usually when someone hears about the benefits of consistently working out, they?re excited, motivated and smiles all around. But when it comes time to wake up early, or

Hello people, As we begin the new year there are several things I notice and have thought about. I will try to explain this in a way that doesn?t offend anyone, but rather put into

Hello all, I haven?t squatted for years?and I don?t plan to start any time soon. But let me explain this a bit further. While I do believe squats are part of 8 fundamental human mo

Have you heard of the ?Point of No Return?? It’s something we?re all aware of, but how does it relate to you and your fitness? The ?Point of No Return? is the result of a few dif

Im soon realizing that as a parent of a 2 year old daughter, my fitness goals are changing quickly. I no longer want to be able to bench press heavy weight. I don?t even want to tr

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