I?m a huge fan of working out.

Big surprise, I know.

I remember when I was in my teens I would always be in my living room doing push ups, tricep presses on my table, and crunches?anything and everything I could think of.

That was me in a nut shell while in San Diego – of course in between my cello and wrestling practice.

I often hear members say:

?I was always involved in sports when I was growing up. Almost everyday in high school I was doing something. In college, working out started to dwindle, only because I had more responsibilities, then it got even worse as I started working on my career.

By 40, it was work, more sitting at a desk, and even less working out.

By 50, I knew I had to change.

Thats why I need a trainer!

I can?t do what I did in high school?my body can?t sustain that, it just doesn?t work.

So, what do I do??

That?s where the fitness professional comes in.

Our job (my job) is NOT to make you feel like you did when you were in your 20?s.


Our goal is to work together and help you feel the best you can at the age you are now.

Our main goals: get good sleep, energy throughout the day, good skin and joints, strong posture and a healthy appetite – as a person over 40 years.

In my experience, thats how you add LIFE to your YEARS.

If nutrition is 70% of your results, that should be mapped out strategically. You can?t move a tired, malnourished body?impossible.

So what did a member do to become younger?

I thought about it and thought it best to list it down for easy consumption:

  1. Find a professional who really cares about helping people
  2. Have an open mindset to learn – it takes time
  3. Care for your body – food and hydration is a must
  4. Be consistent – moderate exercise consistently
  5. Practice on your own – do your homework
  6. Share with your loved ones – to make yourself better, share with others.

Doing these things will not magically reverse your biological clock, but it can put you in a better place than you are now.

– Oliver

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