Howdy all,

Usually when someone hears about the benefits of consistently working out, they?re excited, motivated and smiles all around.

But when it comes time to wake up early, or workout after work, or figuring out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hesitation usually happens?and rightfully so.

You lived a particular way for so long and you were doing ok.

But we all know you want more?

You know you could do better.

Hard decisions are needed for breakthroughs in life, and your health is no exception.

In order to make a switch you have to:

  • Learn new habits
  • Share your new routine to friends and family
  • Re-arrange your life

?but more realistically?

  • Get new workout clothes
  • Get new shoes
  • Change what you eat

Its easy to stick to your old ways and not rock the boat?but that?ll hold you back.

The ones that are held back are usually the ones who are doing ?ok.?

If you want to progress, you need to change.

If you want a certain quality of life, you need to change.

It?s not easy for anyone to make this call, but I?ll gamble it?ll work out better than you imagine.

– Oliver

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