Good morning ya?ll.

So you woke up with a scratchy throat and you have a workout appointment in a couple of hours.

You felt something yesterday but thought you could sleep it off?unfortunately not.

It’s definitely worse today.

What a nuisance. Should I cancel the workout? Or get some movement?

Some movement is good, right?

Simply put, yes, you should move, but it should NOT be an intense workouts.

Your immune system is already working hard to battle the infection.

Adding INTENSE exercise will cause a temporary decrease in the immune system making your body more susceptible to the cold/flu.

We all know what the holiday season brings.

Family, food, friends, bright lights, and lots of shaking hands and hugging.

We also know it?s a bit of the opposite.

Stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and even closer hugs and kisses on cheeks.

So how do you NOT get sick??

The best way to avoid any type of cold or flu starts months ahead before the holidays.

The answer: BE CONSISTENT with MODERATE workouts.

No one can sustain high, all out, pounding workouts forever. Your body will break.

It?s also not beneficial to do only low intensity workouts. Your body will not build resiliency.

Moderate workouts consistently throughout the year will bulletproof your body and will give you the best possible immunity.

Strategically add high intensity and low intensity workouts throughout the year?.thats success.

So here?s a question for you?

What?s one general goal that will make 2020 a success for you?


Quality of life – it?s a real thing.

Keep your eyes peeled in your inbox for an explanation of what I mean.

– Oliver

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