Moderately Consistent

Hi you,


At my first job I was a waiter at a small Chinese Restaurant. I got paid in cash?tips were given out every night and that was everything to me.

My mom raised me to give 10% to our church, so I did.

She told me to save the rest and don’t use it, so I saved.

After each shift I put the cash in a box and hid it in on the top shelf, left side, in my closet. Used a blue rubber band to keep the cash nice and organized.

At the end of each month I sat on my bed and counted all that I saved. I can still remember the smell and gritty feel on my fingers. Always surprised at how much I had collected in a month.


How the hell does this relate to you and your fitness?


Well, here it is.


Whether it be cash, stocks, or your fitness, the law of accumulation is real.


We need to think of each workout as money you are putting away in your box hidden in your closet. Moderately and consistently saving away understanding that it all adds up to something so much bigger.


Putting away big deposits, or doing big workouts, are excruciating and is never really done consistently.


Moderate and consistent workouts give us several things, but these are my favorite:

  • The ability to build a stronger foundation so we have the ability to do a wide variety of activities.
  • Gives us more buffer room to make mistakes and quickly get back on the wagon without too much downtime.


?Resolve to master a subject one page at a time. Lose extra pounds one ounce at a time. Learn a language one lesson at a time.?


– Oliver

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