Hey all,

This week has proved once again that our lives are constantly on a rollercoaster. One week our bodies are feeling strong, flexible and athletic – the next has pains, tight hips and irritations that put us down.

So what do we do?

How do we keep our minds clear, rested and bodies functioning consistently strong?

A single actionable tip to think about.


Heres a quick story.

A fellow member of ours was going through some crazy, intolerable pain. Her shoulder was keeping her up at night and she was uncertain on how to deal and recover.

I?m no doctor, don?t claim to be, but I have some experience in talking to them. The best thing to do is to figure out what exactly it is?MRI, X-ray, Physical Therapist?if we?re in this much pain we have to get proper medical advice from a professional.

I?ll stay in my ?lane? and offer advice on how to deal with the body on a daily basis.

I know her sympathetic system (fight or flight) is on fire, which is not allowing her to get relaxing sleep, cognitive clarity, or proper digestion. She?s in constant fight mode and has inflammation.

So what can we do.




During this time of ?freaking out? and/or ?searching for the answer,? I personally choose to increase my magnesium intake – its a mineral that facilitates certain bodily functions like normal blood pressure and steady heart rhythm.

But in this instance, it can help in muscle relaxation, which will help breathing, which will help circulate oxygenated blood to damaged areas.

Is this the single solution that will heal her and make her 100%? Absolutely not.

But it?ll give her a slight edge into a faster recovery and better experience during her next injury.

Bottom line, we need to learn how to deal with these rollercoaster rides better and better each time.

– Oliver

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