Im soon realizing that as a parent of a 2 year old daughter, my fitness goals are changing quickly.

I no longer want to be able to bench press heavy weight. I don?t even want to try to dunk a basketball.

All I want to do is get up and down from the ground without pain. I want to be able to pick up my daughter and hold her while she squirms and thrashes in my arms.

I also want energy at the end of my day to play and run and be childish with her till her bath time.

These are my current fitness goals.

My goals will probably change, but I already know in 30 or 40 years, if I?m fortunate enough to have a grandchild, I want to be able to do the same.

I want to act like a child and move like one too.

Too many days I?ve been debilitated by lower back pain. Too many times I ended up on the couch completely zapped out of energy because I had no REAL energy.

I used to be impatient with my wife.

I used to sit at the desk for hours trying to focus on the tasks that were in front of me.

Brain fog was real to me.

It was only until I finally committed to working out properly, moderately, and consistently that I started to feel great energy. I was able to focus on multiple things and finish them, all while being in a better postural position.

I was more patient. I was able to focus. I had consistent energy throughout the day. Plus, I woke up refreshed because my sleep was much better.

I quickly realized that all these things are earned. They are not given.

You have to commit and be consistent. You?ll have bad days, but who doesn?t? If anyone tells you otherwise, they?re lying. You have my permission to slap them.

I hope you get a chance to narrow down what your 2020 fitness goals are and share them with the right people.

If not for you, do it for the ?future you.?

– Oliver

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