Hi everyone,

Last week my business coach told me that I focus on too many things.

Go figure?

He mentioned that everything I do seemed to be the ?most important.?

He then told me the story of the empty jar and the relationship of the rocks, pebbles and sand.

He said, ?if you put the sand in first, there will be no more room for the pebbles and the bigger rocks. BUT, if you put the rocks in first, then the pebbles, and then fill the remaining space with sand, you?ll be able to fill the jar properly.?

Now?you ready for me to get a little philosophical on you??

I chose the jar to be my life and the time I have left.

The Rocks: I labeled them as my family and my health.

Meaning, if the pebbles and sand were lost, I would still be full and my life would still have meaning.

The Pebbles: my job, house, hobbies, friendships.

These are critical, but they are not needed for me to have a meaningful life.

The Sand: watching tv, running errands, etc. The fillers in my life that are sometimes important but not always urgent.

It?s up to you to decide what the rocks are in your life.

For me to have a more meaningful and substantial life, I?ve decided that my rocks are my family and my health.

Of course as time goes by the pebbles and sands will switch. Things that are important now will not seem so meaningful.

But like I always say in training?.keep the fundamentals. The fundamentals will allow us to do all the other things in life.

– Oliver

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