Have you heard of the ?Point of No Return??

It’s something we?re all aware of, but how does it relate to you and your fitness?

The ?Point of No Return? is the result of a few different things happening to you at once.

  1. Your activity levels tend to drop as you get out of your 20?s. You?re working more and have to deal with real life problems. Life happens – no more play time.
  2. Your metabolism slows down?just enough for you to notice. Remember you could eat anything and NOT gain weight in your 20?s? Yeahhhh, not so much anymore.
  3. Sadly you start to lose muscle mass. After age 40, if you?re not properly fueling or moving, you could loose as much as 1/2 pound of muscle mass a year.

Combine these things with some ?not so good? food choices and you have the ?Point of No Return.?

I?ll even bet if you?re the same weight as you were in high school, you have more body fat and less muscle now.

Not good.

There is only one way to fight this cruel bit of physiology.

Strength Training.

This is the reason why we train and design our workouts the way we do. To help keep muscle mass on and keep your body adapting.

Picking things up and getting up and down from the ground is what we?re made to do. We only run into problems when we stop and/or sit all day. Our bodies get soft?but not only soft, its starts to break down.

So, here?s a tip.

Focus on strength training and gaining muscle mass. This means don?t use easy weight (this will be different for everyone).

Challenge yourself with challenging weight. Always with technique and always with progressing your weight.

Your body will adapt and respond by increasing your muscle mass, therefore making your body more resilient.

The ?Point of No Return? wont be so bad.

– Oliver

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