When I started to workout consistently in college, I didn?t really have any days off.

I was young and hungry and always pushed my body to gain more and more muscle. If I wasn?t sore that night or the next day, I didn?t work hard enough.

I loved showing off my arms, how much I could lift, and loved the aura I gave off in the gym?because I thought I knew what I was doing.

Those were the days.

Classes, hang out all afternoon, gym, then BBQ with friends.

Then something happened.

Real responsibilities like a career, having enough money for food and rent?I didn?t know what hit me. I was doing a good job staying afloat, but I needed to take care of ?real? business.

As my life progressed with buying a home, getting married, and having children, income and health became the ?big rocks? in my life.

These became the top priorities of my life.

For the first time ever I knew I wanted to train people for a living. But could I rely on my college workout career to help people move better?

Stress mounted. I knew it couldn?t.

I scratched and clawed my way in to learning new techniques, the latest and greatest, and recognized that it?s not about fads and quick returns that make huge impacts in life.

It?s about consistent, balanced efforts of working out that will make the body strong and resilient. Fundamentally sound movements that our bodies were made to do.

You can go hard in a workout and be sore for days, but does that effect how you work and make money to support your family? For some, maybe not. It did for me.

Are you so depleted of energy from your workout that you can?t focus properly at the task at hand?

For me, I didn?t have the proper foods at my disposal, so my nutrition was not good enough to heal my body properly.

Having some ?throttle control? in my workouts helped me gain muscle, sleep, energy, and focus for my week.

I didn?t have to go all out every time every day.

I ate for what my day was going to be like.

Hard, exerting workouts with a lot of stress from work?i ate properly?more calories. Stressful days take a toll on calories and energy.

If I had an easy day, I ate easy.

Either way, all my meals had carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and good fats.

Having control of the intensity of my workouts allowed me to eat properly and to have focus and the energy to do the rest of the important things in my life.

Classes, gyms, and hanging out had to take a back seat.

Making money and being with my family became the important things, ?the rocks?, in my life.

I?ve helped hundreds of adults go through the same transition that I went through myself.

Happy to chat with you about it too.

– Oliver

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