Hello people,


As we begin the new year there are several things I notice and have thought about.


I will try to explain this in a way that doesn?t offend anyone, but rather put into perspective?a perspective I hope will give you some room to be human.


The new year inevitably brings up resolutions and goal setting. I love it and I hate it.


The first week of January is probably the hardest for me to get mentally in order. Not that I don?t have things listed or set, but more personal head trash.


During the holidays I give myself the freedom to eat and do whatever I want. The one non-negotiable is I have to workout at least twice a week. It doesn?t matter the intensity of the workout, but I have to move.


This allows me to give my body the maintenance it needs. I workout all year long – I can indulge during Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy family time.


Then January comes along and people start listing down their resolutions and goals, especially social media.


I don?t mind it?but sometimes it irks me. So, this has been on my mind and I want to share it.


Please understand that the people you hear about and whose advice you read?or about all their extraordinary goals they?re going to achieve?


?they don?t totally have their stuff together.

?they don?t have everything under control.


I don?t say this to defame or put them down, only to simply help you give yourself the room to be human.


No one has it totally figured out.


I aim at a few things, I stay as consistent as I can, and I pay attention. I review it during the 4th quarter of the year and often times I surprise myself to what I achieved.


One of our members was so hard on herself this week. She works so hard during the year and hits the wall during the holidays. I hate seeing her blame herself for not having it together – it just isn?t fair.


Most of us have good intentions and are good souls.


Give yourself the room to be human in 2020.


– Oliver



Owner of THRIVE Training

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