I Choose to Never Squat Again


Hello all,


I haven?t squatted for years?and I don?t plan to start any time soon.


But let me explain this a bit further.


While I do believe squats are part of 8 fundamental human movements (its part of what we call The Big 8) and it should be practiced often, I choose to do it a certain way.


I do not, and have not, done a squat while using a barbell (the long bar) on my shoulders for years. I believe there is just too much compression on my spine to justify any rewards.


If gravity is constantly pushing down on my spine, why make it harder for myself and add more than 45 pounds on my spine?


One of the main goals we preach in our training is proper posture. Squats definitely help us gain postural integrity, but let?s try to do them in different ways.


Remember, we train movement pattern and there are plenty of ways to train that chosen pattern.


These are a few squat options.

All will help you get stronger, help you to prevent Injury, lose fat and improve your energy.


  • Goblet squats
  • Step back lunges (yes, this is a squatting pattern)
  • Sumo squats
  • TRX squats
  • Trap bar squats


If you have any questions on what these are or how to perform them, just reply back to this email with the word ?SQUATS? and we?ll get back to you asap.


– Oliver



Owner of THRIVE Training

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